Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye 2008

What a year!

On the one hand, I can't wait for it to end, on the other I feel nostalgia for all it's great moments.

The year started at the Desmond. It was where I most wanted to be in the world, and with the most glorious company imaginable. Although my new job had started in November, January was when it really took off.

February 7 - I will never forget that day. And then, the very next Thursday, the first meaningful V-day in my life.

I never in a thousand years would have predicted spending March in Argentina by myself this year, much less with her. Those were perhaps among the best 8 days in my entire life. There is a certain joy in showing off one's own country - it's an even greater joy showing it off to someone special.

April came and went. I had a new reason to dread April 15 this year. It was a personal obstacle that I had not expected to confront for a long, long time. April 15, 2008 marked the one-year anniversary since we lost my dad.

May was both personally satisfying and emotionally complex. I received my Masters degree with family from all around the globe present, literally. My mom flew out from Colorado. My grandmother, uncle, and cousin came from Argentina. Charlie flew out from Spain. Abuela Else came from New Mexico. The emotional complexity came from the fact that if one other person from Argentina had been able to come, none of the others would have made it. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to have them - but I would have much rather have had my dad be present and receive a phone call from the others.

About 15 minutes after graduation, while we were out to dinner at the Ginger Man, I got a job. Yup, if that's not a ringing endorsement for Rockefeller College, I don't know what is.

Before May ended, one of my all-time dream trips came true: a week in St. Maarten.

In June, I started my new job. It was baptism by fire. The end of session is not gentle even for the most veteran staffer, let alone a rookie. And on the Education Committee of all places. I also fulfilled another lifelong dream and dogsitted Mia. Aww, Mia. And I met two new puppies: Hudson and Ruby. Aww, Mia.

July and August were good. I bought a house, my sister came to visit for six weeks, and I became acquainted with the Valley Cats. I think I spent more time at The Joe than at work! We roadtripped to see Timmy in Crapeonta where we had a horrifying encounter with that jerk LaMonica. "Shut up, LaMonica!" Note to self: never let Timmy pick the bar again. Scituate, Kayaking...there was so many great times this summer I can't recount them all.

September...fall in the Capital Region. It is quickly becoming my favorite time of year. I found out how Adirondackly Extreme I am in September.

October was great because one of my favorite people moved to Jay Street. 'Nuf said. Later in the month I took a surprise trip to Colorado and scared the hell out of my mom and sister. And I got to see Barack at a rally in Fort Collins.

I will never forget November. It was so cathartic. I drove down to Carbondale, PA to Barack the vote. When they called Ohio, I knew it was over, but I will still remember Keith's call. Small problemo: what would I do with this new found spare time?

And here we are in December. In the second week of the month, I lost my budget virginity. I will lose a whole bunch of work-related virginities in a few days. My mom and sister came to Albany for the holidays, and, thankfully, she was around too. If she shows up tonight, it will complete one of my 2008 New Year's resolutions: to end the year the same way I started it.

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