Monday, July 7, 2008

Logan South-bound Departures ... oh yeah, and Scituate

On America's birthday weekend, we had the good fortune of being invited to spend the weekend with some good friends in Scituate, MA, which is on the South Shore. One of my gf's bff's grandparents have a house (literally) on the beach and they were gracious enough to let us stay there for the weekend.

The place was amazing - we were right across the waterway from the lighthouse, and minutes from a great little beach. And, of course, the pea that completes my pod was along. We had a little slice of heaven to play whiffleball on. Also, we played the name-game (Mass Pike edition) and quoted Seinfeld to the annoyance of our beautiful company.

The weekend came out exactly as planned. There was very little traffic on the way out, and that first night we had some chili (Chili Davis) and watched the Red Sox embarass the Yankees.

The second day was a bit on the cool side, but that did not deter us from heading to the beach and spending a good couple of hours relaxing. We also took the whiffleball game on the road, and set up the field so that home runs would land in the ocean and the pitcher would have to fetch the ball --- that turned out to be quite unfortunate for me.

The night of the 4th we grilled (Jason Grilli). Hebrew Nationals were def the hit of the grilling - perhaps the best hot dogs ever. However, someone did point out that Nathan's are still pretty damn good, too. We also sat out on the porch so that we could see all the south-bound departures out of Logan - oh yeah, and the fireworks, too.

We rounded out the evening by systematically beating the neighbor's kids at whiffleball and taking a lovely walk down the sea wall (Donne Wall). Phew...what an industrious weekend...

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