Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More St. Maarten

I fully embrace the nerd-ly aspect of my airplane interest. And, actually, when people rolled their eyes at me when I explained why I was going to St. Maarten, I gently explained the wonder that is Maho Beach. Well...if this video doesn't de-nerdify me, then nothing will.

A few thoughts on the video...

1. These folks did a nice job on the video, I personally like the way the Pirates of the Caribbean music is worked in. They really capture the experience quite well.

2. It looks like their overhead shots are from the Royal Islander La Plage, which is the place we stayed at. Right on the beach and, most importantly, walking distance to Maho Beach.

3. I like the addition of the jet blast footage on the people on the fence, that's sometime overlooked in the St. Maarten experience. In my humble opinion, the MD-11, operated by KLM, had the fiercest blast. The A340 was nasty, too, as were the 757's. Unfortunately, I didn't get to experience the wrath of the 747 - so I can't really claim that my findings are complete.

4. Lot's of good A340 shots in the video -- what a graceful machine that is, eh?

More quick videos of St. Maarten here, here, and here.

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adb said...

it's like being back on Maho Beach... ::sigh::