Sunday, July 25, 2010

One of my all-time questions is answered

Since I was a dorky/debate-team member/International Baccalaureate geeky high schooler, girlfriends were not a large (or to be more accurate - "existent") part of my youth. Yup, my memories in high school are pretty much limited to doing a lot of homework, procrastinating about doing said homework, hanging out with Dan and Andrew, and traveling to debate tournaments on Saturdays.

Oh, sure, there were the occasional dates. I shocked myself by going to both Junior and Senior prom with dates, but those events were certainly the exception and not the rule. Often, when I was spending painfully awkward or dorky moments with Dan and Andrew, I would wonder about what my future wife was doing at that moment. Is she also at a debate tournament? Maybe she's birdwatching. Or thinking about politics. I would wonder if she's Argentinean or American or German or Pakistani.

Now I know the answer to most of those questions because on July 2, 2010, Diane agreed to be my wife.
And it turns out that when I was hanging out at the CSU library studying German with Dan and Andrew, she was most likely in Colonie. She was most definitely not ever at any debate tournament.

When I was thinking about her, she was probably at a dance competition. Or eating a bagel with sausage and cheese (no egg, please and thank you). Or perhaps she was practicing the baritone.

At the most basic level, Diane and I met quite by accident. Had Dr. Moore not encouraged me to apply to Albany, it is likely our paths would not have ever crossed. Had Albany not offered a very generous scholarship, it is likely I would have gone to school in Philadelphia. Had that monkey George W. Bush not been elected and screwed up the environment, Diane would not have gone into environmental policy. Had CHH not been friendly at the Dean's office I would have avoided all human contact at Albany and gone back to Colorado at the conclusion of my degree. Quite the accident, as you can see.

And now this series of accidents has turned into a lifetime with "that tall girl from Jeffy's office".