Saturday, January 3, 2009

Foggy McFoggerton

My mom and sister flew in for the holidays. They were supposed to arrive on Saturday, December 20, to which Mark said, "That's good, all the bad weather is supposed to come in on Friday."
That was wishful thinking. They were laid over in Baltimore overnight, had to fly backwards to Cincy International, which is actually in Northern Kentucky, and finally made it in on Sunday in this...
That is the view of the Runway 1/19 area from Albany-Shaker Road. I could barely see the road - what must it have looked like from the cockpit? We are all pretty good fliers in my family - that is, we never become scared or freaked out. But when the plane touched down and seemed to take a bit longer than usual to slow down, my mom reportedly said, "We're going to end up on Central Avenue."

On the way over, Diane and I discussed the possibility of potentially investing in some sort of warm bevies. I insisted on stopping before we got to the airport, thinking that there was nowhere to buy said products at ALB unless you were travelling. Diane resisted, and bet that there was a coffee shop accessible to non-travelers. I had forgotted about this little hole in the wall...
Fail. But at least the lost bet went to a good cause.

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