Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All I want in life is a good sandwich

You just can't get a good sandwich around Albany anymore, ya know?

So, on Monday, since Diane and I were in a mood for a good, hearty sandwich, we took a road trip through three states (New Yawk, Taxachusetts - I kid, I kid, it's Massachusetts - and Connecticut) in search of the perfect deli dinner. Goodbye Albany, NY. Hello Torrington, CT.

Yup, that's right - Salerno's Import & Deli had just the stuff I was looking for: a Godfather with The Works.It was no accident that we ended up in the armpit of New England known as Torrington. That is, after all, the site of Camp Wah-Nee, where I spent six glorious summers bringing up young campers with proper manners and excellent writing skills. My time there was lovely, until I was banned forever from the camp by the evil ogre who owns it for choosing to go work at a different, nicer, gentler camp in 2007. And that was after two summers as a Group Leader and twice decorated Color War Lieutenant.

So, since the ogre would have probably prosecuted me if I stepped into the camp, we were satisfied with looking at the sign at the driveway. And Diane did not have any bail money on her, so that made the decision much easier. Always carry bail money, people. Just kidding, that was a joke.
Salerno's, by extension, has a bit of a cult following among the staff at Wah-Nee. So much so, in fact, that when I sent Mad Dog a picture of the delectable eatery, he immediately responded with incredulity and, in my opinion, a hint of jealousy.

So, would I spend around 3 hours driving for a 20 minute meal again?

You betcha! Not only is the sandwich worth it, but I am addicted to driving because it reminds me so much of flying for some reason. By the way, look at all those enormous icicles on the side of the mountain. Neat-o, right? And kids, don't try taking cell phone pictures while you're driving.

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