Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birds of mass destruction

I do not know if video exists of the crash landing that happened this evening in the Hudson River, but I would certainly be interested in seeing what a water landing looks like where the airplane remains intact afterwards.
When I heard about this story, I immediately thought back to a video of a plane landing in the ocean with much different results. Granted, the landing seen on the video would have also been a terrible failure on a runway.

Nevertheless, the video highlights how destructive water can be upon impact, thereby revealing how ridiculously amazing the landing of US Air 1549 must have been.

By the way, I understand the glamour of landing on the Hudson, but we also had an incident occurring closer to home. An Air Canada commuter jet made an emergency landing at Albany International today, blew out all four tires in the process, and closed the airport since it finally came to a stop at the intersection of the airport's only two runways.

What is it this week with airplanes?

Of course you must know by now about that wacko that faked his own death by setting his Piper on autopilot and bailing out. What did that plane ever do to you, sir? In response to this atrocity, I'm starting my own advocacy group: People for the Ethical Treatment of Airplanes, which will also be known as PETA.

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Anonymous said...

The next time the air-hostess asks me if I don't mind sitting in the EXIT row, I am going to give it serious consideration.