Wednesday, December 24, 2008

X marks the spot

Suddenly my current version of flight sim (Century of Flight, 2004) does not seem good enough. Check out these screen shots from Flight Simulator X. (The rest of the screenshots are here.)

I don't care what you may think of me, but that Airbus is damn sexy. It's a huge upgrade on the liveries by the way. My version has a similar design, but it is less sharp than this.
I can see my house from here.As you can see from the taxiing aircraft below, they made huge improvements to the airports by adding actual gates and airport vehicles. I never realized how crappy my airports were until I saw this. Damn you, Microsoft for making a better product just after I started using the last version of it! (Pop Quiz: What airplane cockpit is displayed below? -- There will be a prize for the winner.)Look at this in-flight view. Again, what a sharp color scheme that is.By the way, I found out how to get a pushback from the gate on the game. Before, I relied on turning on the thrust reversers, which is highly unrealistic. Now, I simply press Shift + P and voila!

It's amazing the things you can learn by Googling random stuff like that.


Dave Beals said...

for the "name that cockpit" contest: its a Boeing 737.

Sparticus said...

impressive, dave! it's just like all the Southwest planes you see landing at ALB Int'l.