Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Airplaney additions to 399 State

Christmas was last week, and I am already stressing out about what to get people next year. That's how desperate the gift idea drought is in my mind. I'm not joking. I almost bought my mother a hermit crab this year. I was there, they were getting the crab, the dude was dumping sand into the crate. Only the slightest of cracks on the crate enabled me to back out of the transaction and electroshock me back to cohesive, logical thought.

For everyone that bought me gifts, it had to have been much easier. If it is airplane or airplane accessory related then you're golden. Here's a rundown of all such aviation goodies I received this holiday season:

Christmas Eve I got this surprise...
Yup, that's a "Boarding Pass," but not the one you get on a plane with, but rather, the one you drink. A contributor to the site located this gem in Queens. And, look, it even has a luggage tag and safety instructions. Neat-o!
I have no idea where two of the Capitol Region's finest found this...
I even think it matches the shirt and tie they got me!
And look at this Hallmark Christmas tree ornament...
It's going to a home full of new friends.

I also received a remote-control helicopter. Unfortunately, it received icorregible damage on the afternoon of it's maiden flight. RIP.
Thanks everybody for these and all the other non-airplane gifts I received. Happy New Year!

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