Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Avoiding the anti-aircraft fire on the couch

In one of the most perceptive scenes in Seinfeld, Elaine learns that men have preferred sides from which their move on the ladies. There are those that like to approach from the left, and those that are more comfortable from the right. Elaine then blurts out that women just play defense.

In my very limited personal experience on this matter, I have found the defense claim to be wholly accurate. In my particular situation now I do not think defense is a strong enough word for what goes on. It is more like I am the aircraft facing hostile anti-aircraft artillery.

Bang! There goes Engine #2.

Boom! There goes the right wing...Mayday! Mayday!

And that's the end of that approach.

If I were an observer to this advanced defensive technique, rather than its target, then I would be impressed. When I think about it, words like accurate, persistent, and crippling come to mind. It's also adaptive, preempting my future moves.

But I am persistent, because eventually it has to run out of missiles. It HAS to.

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