Monday, December 29, 2008

We are all Algerians

In these harsh economic times, I can ill afford to alienate any part of my readership because I cannot risk losing any of my advertisers. I love you, Advertisers. Anyway, I bring all of this up because last week I may have inadvertently pissed off the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.

During the course of my analysis on African flag carrier color schemes, I commented on how "I don't even know where Algeria is" and how Air Algerie's tail design is too "cliche." This apparently has been the talk of the nation. Their equivalent of "Countdown", called "Let us Recount the Stories that Algerians Will be Conversing About Whilst at Our Place of Labour on the Morrow", listed my characterization of their national airline's tail design and my general geographical apathy as the number one story.

For all this heartbreak, I sincerely apologize. However, I ask for a moment to explain my statements. First of all, if this blog is being taken seriously by anybody out there, then that is a serious problem. I would conservatively estimate that about 85-88 percent of the posts here are either made up or grossly exaggerated.

Second, you cannot expect to have a cliche color scheme and then be offended when it is pointed out. If anybody doubts the objectivity of my analysis, then consider that I even voted down my own country's national airline in the final - against one of our archrivals of all things.

Third of all, of course I know where Algeria is. It's right there.
But, I feel bad, tisk tisk. And to compensate, I will give some space, free of charge, to Air Algerie on this prestigious site. (<-- example of gross exaggeration) And let's relax for a minute and remember that before all those mean comments about their tail design and lattitude and longitude, I actually said that Air Algerie sported " good-looking plane[s]" and had a "fancy red/white livery." Why must we always focus on the negative?

Well, to show that I am the bigger person in all this, I will say another nice thing about Air Algerie: it was the first airline in Africa to adopt e-tickets, thereby eliminating paper waste.
Are you still mad at me, Algeria?


Anonymous said...

I support your choice. It's a good one and it's never too late. Air Algerie is one of the best african airlines. Well equiped with Boeing and Airbus planes. I traveled to Europe and Africa places many times with the algerian airlines without problems.

Lilia from Algeria said...

Hello Sparticus (again),

Thanks for the post... Algeria accepts your apologies ;)
Well, I (talking about myself) never said that I was mad at you or at your choice because frankly I've never thought about Air Algérie's coulours or planes...till I read your comments... I think that adding a bit of green to the design would be better (to match our flag's colours) but that's me, so... & thanks for "we are all Algerians"...& to render you the compliment I'll say "we are all Americans" (without the green card though :)...

Salam (peace)
Lilia from Algeria

PS: hope the weather's not too bad out there... If you could just send us some snow I'll be happy to send you some sunshine ^^