Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A week of milestones

It happened.

I am now officially way closer to 30 than to 20. I have legally been able to drink for a half-decade. I have lived for more than a half century. Yes, my loyal readers, I turned 26 last Thursday. And, although I was never one to pout about my age, I realized that next year, I will be 27. And that is scary.

At my age, my mother was married and had already had me. Look at me: I have a Batman utensil carrier and Batman pajamas and still play with my Gameboy and model airplanes. I guess I am a little behind her curve.

I gathered with my gf, bs, and close friends at Bombers to take in the celebratory 60 oz. margarita and then we scooted on back to Roessleville to eat some coconut cake that Hemasida had baked. It was fitting that the last get-together at the Towne Towers was also the largest. We fit eight people into my refugee apartment.

We ended up cutting Thursday shorter than a usual birthday party because Friday was going to be a big day. I closed on the condo I bought on State Street. Woot.

After an hour of furiously signing away my life to the bank for the next 22 years and 7 months, I finally became a homeowner. A little space in this giant Earth is in my name now, with help from my mom and savings from years past. On Friday, we did some serious painting. In the living room, I was going for a sandy/creamy color. To my great surprise, the color that I picked ended up looking quite pink. But, thankfully, it has now become more of a salmony tone, which is fine by me. ADB chose a great shade of blue for the bedroom. Unfortunately for her, I decided to help with the painting on the trim, and all I did was create more work for her. Ruh Roh.

Saturday was the all day move. Thanks again to my crew. You guys rocked. We got everything moved out of Roessleville and into State by 2:30pm. The worse part was the couch, which did not fit into the State Street elevator and had to be carried up 8 flight of stairs. I kid you not. Props to the big guy and AK on that.

So now, apart from being only 6 minutes away from work, I also have a great view of flights in and out of Albany International. My condo is a corner property looking North and West. The westward-facing living room and bedroom windows all provide a clear shot of planes coming in and going out. As all of you know, that's the real reason I went for this place.


allison said...

you're more than a quarter of a century old... not half.

Sparticus said...

Phew...good catch. Unfortunately, I am already starting to show my age.