Friday, August 29, 2008

Anchorage, AK to Middletown, OH Flight a VP clue?

This year's presidential election drama once again hinged on aviation.

Senator McCain is expected to announce his VP choice today at noon in Dayton, OH. There is speculation that the choice may be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, based on the private jet below arriving in Middletown, OH (about 25 miles from Dayton) from Anchorage, AK.
CNN is reporting that one woman, two men, and two teenagers were onboard.
Who knows, it may be a coincidence. All I know for sure is that somebody had a sweet ride on that machine.

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Sparticus said...

A point of clarification: this plane will not be considered when I make my presidential endorsement because it is not the official McCain-Palin campaign plane, but rather the private jet of a McCain donor.