Friday, August 15, 2008

No one "flied" when Clinton lied

I did not want to inject politics into this blog. After all, the beauty of airplanes and aviation in general is that it is, like the staff of the Colorado House of Representatives, non-partisan. However, I could not resist informing all my loyal readers of this obvious fabrication from the campaign of my junior US Senator (who I proudly voted for in '06), and "former" presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

What the hell:
Senator Clinton, in an effort to fundraise to pay off some of her debt from the long campaign, is raffling off a chance to be her special guest at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO later this month.

Small problemo: the plane pictured does not exist, so it would be mighty difficult to fly into Denver on it.

It looks like an Airbus A340. In fact, since it's an airliner with four engines in that mold, the only other airplane it could be would be a Boeing 747, and we know that's not possible. However, the A340 has a much different landing gear under the wings. They look like this:

See that extra wheel in the middle? Now look for it on Senator Clinton's picture. I'll save you time: IT'S NOT THERE!

Just one more thing, Senator. If you are planning on flying your special guest to Denver on an A340, you'll have to send them to Germany first, because last I heard, the only airline using A340's into Denver is Lufthansa.

Is nothing sacred in politics anymore?

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