Thursday, October 2, 2008

This November choose Country First, Airbus Second

UPDATED 10/3/2008
Since early voting has started in some states, I have decided that it is time for me to unveil my endorsement for President of the United States. My decision will be based on the Democratic and Republican candidates' campaign planes.

Let's get a look at the planes on which the decision will be based.

Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) flies around in a B757:

For starters, let's lay on the table the fact that Senator Obama was the only candidate that consistently used an American-built plane. But, I have already discussed Senator McCain's hypocrisy on this topic at length (as have others).

At the beginning of the campaign, Senator John McCain used to fly around in an Airbus A320:

Later on, the McCain campaign leased a B737, possibly in response to criticism over its use of a foreign-built Airbus.

What do these planes tell us about each of the candidates?

When I look at the tail on the Obama campaign plane, I am pleased to see that he does not include his name prominently on the livery. This tells me that the campaign is not about him, but about the ideas behind his candidacy.

In fact, even the fuselage of his plane only has a brief mention of his name (in the webpage address) and focuses instead on his message:

The Republican candidate's plane, on the other hand, seems to be a flying monument to Senator McCain's ego. The tail and fuselage livery make it unequivocally clear that this campaign is about the person and not the ideas of the GOP. I suppose I do not blame them entirely for that - I would not want to run on their ideas either.

Additionally, I would argue that the B757 is a much more appropriate plane for a presidential campaign, seeing as how it can travel just as fast as a B737 but at higher altitudes and with more people on board. That allows the candidate to campaign in more places, avoid delays due to weather, and allow for more media to travel with the candidate. <--- Ohh...wait, this is starting to make sense now.

Just like picking a nominee for the Vice Presidency represents a major gauge of a Presidential candidate's judgement, I would argue that selecting a campaign plane offers an equally intriguing insight.

What we learned from Senator McCain is that he is a hypocrite, self-aggrandizer, and was pressured into a Boeing to appease his critics. That is not Straight Talk. Double Talk is more like it.

We can deduce from Senator Obama's selection that he makes sound judgements, recognizes the plight of the American aviation industry, and understands that his campaign is not just about him, but the ideas he represents.

Aviation enthusiasts have a clear choice this November.

In what is the most important election in a generation, I strongly encourage you to support Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Increible. Que buena comparacion. La arrogancia de McCain es lo unico que le queda.
Obama inspira hasta con el avion que usa.
Me encanto la paradoja de los candidatos.

Anonymous said...

that was, like, so inspirational. plus, in obamas plane they serve peanuts (a product strictly of the americas), whereas in mccains plane they sell pretzels which, as everybody knows, is german. aka foreign. see theres another reason to vote for obama. i love this game... bs

ps -- whos the adorable little thing that keeps writing in spanish??