Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ALB-DEN-ALB, Part III: A pro-aviation enthusiast airport

We all know the importance of first impressions, and by all accounts, Denver International Airport did not make a good one. It was late, overbudget, had an inoperative baggage handling system, and was perhaps the home base of a shadown government.But I'm a believer in second chances, and boy did DIA ever make it up. If you arrive at the C Concourse, make sure you look up so that you don't miss this:This Learjet, owned by a local businessman and philanthropist, was the first plane to officially (?) land at DIA in 1995, as memorialized by this stamp underneath the wing.
After the historic landing, the plane was donated to the airport and ceremoniously placed in the C Concourse for all aviation enthusiasts to admire. I asked around and learned that the plane was disassembled and came into the Concourse through the windows.

Now that's what I call decorating. They should put that on one of those design shows.