Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

Here are the Flight Aware charts for my flight from Denver to Albany via Detroit.

I could picture these charts as the flights were occuring because of all the maneuvering that we did in our approaches. These look like my flight paths on Flight Simulator - you know, due to the non-directness of the routes. In Northwest's defense, there was some pretty nasty weather around both Detroit and Albany last night, so much so that the captain of the second leg did not allow the flight attendants to offer the complementary beverage service.

Here is the flight between Denver and Detroit:
The pilot announced we would be flying over Des Moines, IA, Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI and Flint, MI.

Here is the flight between Detroit and Albany:This was a really bumpy ride, especially during the approach. I was a bit disappointed that we landed on runway 19 instead of 1. A landing on runway 1 gives you a great view of the city, and I would have been positioned to get a great overhead shot of the Empire State Plaza. No such luck though.

I cannot recall landing in such rainy weather before - I am sure I must have at some point. But I was especially vigilant last night, and it was really neat to see the rain drops illuminated every time the strobe lights on the wing flashed. I tried to get a picture of it, but I could not get the timing down.

Speaking of pictures - I have not downloaded my trip pictures yet. I expect to do that tonight, so expect a comprehensive blog post (including evidence of Green Baggin' it at 35,000 feet) in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

No sabia que habias tenido un vuelo movido. Con toda la comida en la panza, podria haber sido un desastre para el pasajero al lado tuyo!!!

Anonymous said...

landing on runway 19 brought you in from the North, heading southerly, passing over route 7, is that right? Not too much to see at night in the rain... too bad. Oh, and btw, i have ordered that Richard Sachs jersey for you, so you better be ready.

Sparticus said...

viejita...me estas llamando gordo?

yup - the approach to runway 19 takes you over route 7 which means that there was very little to see. i would have rather been at the Control Tower than in the airplane.

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