Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Retroactive flight searches on Flight Aware

This weekend my mother flew from Denver to DC and, being the thoughtful, caring, creepy son that I am, I tracked her flight on my new favorite website.

The outbound flight looked like this:

By all estimations, it was probably a pleasant flight since they did not hit any major weather patterns. She covered ten states by my count, although that generously gives her Kansas which is questionable. The major cities she flew over were Peoria, IL and Columbus, OH.

My mom called me to let me know that she had landed in DC, and she was more than a little surprised when I said, "I know."

I actually missed the majority of her flight home but I found out that you can do searches for already completed flights. After a quick search, I pulled up her flight from BWI to Denver, and it looked like this:
For some reason, I could not find an image with the highways so as to identify major landmarks. By my best estimate, the highlight of this flight was St. Louis, MO. The plane then veered north of Kansas City, MO and hit some weather in eastern Kansas.

It is a wonder that I get any work done at all anymore.


christine said...

"thoughtful, caring, creepy son"

There's a phrase you don't hear everyday.

(Also, glad your green bag is back on the job. Canvas is a force to be reckoned with after washing. Yikes. Let me know if you have troubles again.)

Anonymous said...

Vos no sos "creepy". Sos un poco mas que "cauteloso" pero esta bien para que yo no me preocupe demasiado. Que barbaro lo del sistema. No se como se hace para ver con mas detalles. Espero que me lo ensenes algun dia.
Muy interesante!

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