Friday, October 10, 2008

Misty the jokey-jokemaker

For those of you dying to know how my catsitting went last night, you'll be happy to know that it was successful. I did not lose Misty, so "Mission Accomplished."

It was also "Mission Accomplished" for Misty because she finally bit me. Those of you who know Misty will no doubt be surprised to find out that I had not been bitten by her until last night. And it is not for lack of trying on her part, it is because I also have cat-like reflexes. She was on top of her game last night, though. And she looked so proud of herself after finally getting me.

Here's something you may not know: Misty has a wonderful sense of humor. During the course of our Flight Simulater game night, I started playing around with the elements to create a difficult landing environment. I had the visibility down, the winds gusting, rain falling - they type of weather that Cyclocrossers dream of.

I had a particularly rough landing with these elements. The wings only evened out right at touchdown, the descent was nausceating, and the landing itself was - well, let's just say that the Learjet bounced higher than Barack Obama after the debate. It was so bad, I almost got sick.As I was taxiing to the gate, basically just thankful to be alive, Misty looked at me and wittily said, "Did we land or were we shot down?"

Then she licked herself and left the room.


Dave Beals said...

Misty is just playing with you... if she really wants to bite you... she will and will drw blood B4 you know what hit you... i know, been there. Glad to hear that you 2 are hitting it off! playing fun games and all...i'm off to the G-ster, the New England Worlds, the biggest race on the East Coast. i'll try to post some reports out there, but i will be w/o any hardware/software...the hotel usually has soemthing. other wise check

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