Friday, October 17, 2008

Coalition of the flying

The coming election is SO important that nobody and no issue has stayed on the sidelines.
I made the case in October for the candidate that, in my opinion, will best serve the interests aviation enthusiasts. Our interests, in case you were wondering, include the following planks:

(1) approach routes that maximize the plane-spotting experience at all major airports,
(2) arm rests for every passenger,
(3) gentler wand people at airport security,
(4) puke bags in every seat back pocket, and
(5) a place for every carry-on bag.

If aviation is the biggest issue for you in this election, and you were conviced by my arguments, the campaign button above is the perfect way to show it.


christine said...

1. Is that even a real plane on that button?

2. As a result of an endless Friday, biding my time in the office, I looked at your blogger profile. Now, when you say "airplane accessories" all I can imagine is... bracelets or cuff links or maybe a nice airplane print on a scarf... maybe even a headband. Is that what you mean? Airplane handwarmers?

Sparticus said...

1. i don't think anybody has a plane with that livery on it - it's def not obama's campaign plane. if i had to guess, i would say it's a b767 that's been clearly digitally altered.

2. hahaha - the "airplanes and airplane accessories" line is a rip-off from "king of the hill" when hank says all the time that he sells (and hearts) propane and propane accessories. i had never thought of the consequences of those words, but i would imagine that the wonderful accessories you list would be included, along with food trays that the flight attendants serve, and tray tables, and ...

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