Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally some good news for the penguins

It is probably of little surprise that my favorite creatures in the animal kingdom are birds - you know, given that they airplanes. Except for penguins - who got screwed by evolution. (Maybe.)

On a tip from a high ranking environmental official in New York, I learned that finally there is some good news for the penguins. The Argentina Fisheries Secretary has permanently banned all fishing activities around Burdwood Bank (Birdwood?) - an underwater ecosystem 136 miles off the country's southern tip - which happens to be an important feeding ground for penguins. From the article:

“Armed with sound science, Consejo Federal Pesquero has taken a big step in ensuring sustainability in Argentina’s fishing industry by protecting Burdwood Bank,” said Dr. Claudio Campagna of the WCS-Sea and Sky Program. “With the protection of this small, but critical area, the ocean is better able to replenish what we take from it, and equally important, Argentina’s unique biodiversity is reserved.”

Somebody pinch me. Since when is Argentina the most progressive country in the world on fishing? And what is this nonsense about using sound science to develop environmental policy?

I kid, of course. But seriously, you made me proud today, Country.