Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ALB-DEN-ALB, Part I: Walking the talk

I have broken up the news from my surprise trip to Denver into four parts so that I can stay focused and on message, and so that the length of the posts is not overwhelming. With that in mind, here is topic numero uno: as the old saying goes, don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.

Well, I have talked the talk, and here is evidence of me walking the walk. A short time ago, I endorsed the green bag from the Unspeakable Visions Market as the "must have accessory for today's air traveler" since it allows passengers to pack their own, hopefully healthy lunch and carry it on board.

Folks, I not only own a green bag of my own, but on this last trip I baptized it at 35,000 feet. And I even did it with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as one of the resident experts recommended. And all it cost me was about $.22 in peanut butter, $.17 in jelly, and $.47 in bread. That's $.86 instead of $12 for a tuna crapwich at the airport.

On the way back, I turned it up a notch. I packed, or rather, had packed for me by my mother and sister, four milanesa sandwiches, two apples, and four oreos. (Not all pictured.)
Don't worry - I did not eat it all at once, although I really wanted to. But after a horrifying pant-buying experience, I did not need any more motivation to slow my food intake down a bit.

So - there you have it. Green bagging it at 35,000 feet. With the economy as shaky as it is, every $11.14 kept in your wallet counts.


christine said...

Yeah! Woop!

Green baggin' it at 35,000 feet!

You know how in those Expedia commercials they have that garden gnome in all different exotic locations... I want the green bags to travel the world and then have pictures of one in front of the Eiffel Tower, or near a pyramid or the Kremlin.

Get workin' on it.

Sparticus said...

i accept the challenge. although from january to june you will have to be happy with the green bag traveling around the capitol, LOB, and Alfred E Smith building. maybe i can take pictures of it with different assemblymembers.

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