Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ALB-DEN-ALB, Part II: A mosaic of flight

Here are some images from my flights. I sat on an exit row window seat for each leg of the flight, so the images are wing-heavy. Each leg was operated by an A319.

Here are some shots from the flight from the flight out west. This is the aircraft that took me the whole way to Denver. The sun tries to catch up to us as we head west to Detroit.The foliage around Detroit, which is no match for the foliage in Albany.

And the arrival in an overcast Denver.

And here are some shots of the flight back east. She was a sweet ride. Here she is pulling into the gate at Denver International.

This time, I'm leaving the sun in the west (and probably will not see it until April - jk).

A rainy approach into Detroit.

And a rainy Albany, just like I remember it!