Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lies and the lying presidential candidates that tell them

Let me tell you a little story.

I did not watch the Republican National Convention for my health. I was compelled by Senator McCain's story of torture in a North Vietnamese prison and felt that perhaps I should try to endure some torture myself by watching some hateful people spew their hateful message.

By the end of it, I was severely nausceated and, frankly, I felt physically ill.

I know I'm not the brightest person out there, but I did manage to pick up the main theme of the campaign: Country First.

Fine. Lovely. Wonderful.

By the way, wasn't this guy's campaign slogan also "Country First"?

Now, I have been in rehab recently because I used to have a major problem assuming things that sometimes should not be assumed. But, wouldn't you ASSUME that the candidate whose slogan is "Country First" would use a campaign plane built in said country, in this case, the US of A?

Me too.

Then why is this Senator McCain's campaign plane?
An Airbus. A Frenchy, cosmopolitan, elitist Airbus.

Confidential to Senator McCain: Airbus is a European conglomerate. You know, the same Europe that Rudy and Fred and Mitt trashed during the convention.

One more thing: they are the biggest threat to Boeing in commercial aviation. You know, Boeing, that Seattle, WA-based company. In America.

Senator, I really do not care what plane you use. But do not be so assinine as to allow your thugs to bash Europe when you are the only candidate that flies around in a "Freedom" plane.


Luciana said...

that was beautiful... i especially liked the country first touch ;)

AMANDA said...

I have just spent the past 1/2 hour updating myself on the blog, thank you for the procrastination from my adolescent pysch paper :)

ps..are you ever going to touch the Palin Ebay Alaskan plane sale?

Anonymous said...

Tendrias que mandar tu link a CCN y los otros medios. Unos detalles que muestran el lado negro de estos fanaticos de derecha. pupi

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but "i was a prisoner of war!"... "I know nothing about global economics, but i do have 7 homes"... and did i say that i was a prisoner of war? Doesn't that make me a a country first kind of guy? I own a dozen cars too, that go with my seven homes, and i think several of them are volvo's... those are American cars aren't they? -dab

Sparticus said...

Anonymous --- your evident sarcasm has basis in truth...
from CNN:
Democrats eager to portray John McCain as out of touch with average Americans and as a flip-flopper seized on a report Sunday the Arizona senator and his wife, Cindy, own more than a dozen cars — including several foreign-made automobiles.