Sunday, September 21, 2008

The mainstream media catches on


A topic very similar to the one first reported here is now making rounds in the mainstream media.

Check it out: Apparently, Senator McCain and his wife Cindy have 13 vehicles, and 2 of them are foreign made.
This, of course, after claiming that he only bought American-made cars AND Europe-bashing at the Convention.

And then, of course, there's the whole thing about owning 13 total cars. That's not helping.

It looks worse than I originally thought. Senator McCain's venal behaviour was not an isolated incident, but rather it was a pattern of deceit and falsehoods.

What else has the Senator from Pangea been lying about?

Note: To all my readers who are wondering why this post has been tagged under the "safety" category, it is because there is no greater in-flight (or national) security risk than voting Republican in this election.


Anonymous said...

your post says 2 foreign cars, the article you linked to says 3.

who are we supposed to believe?

that's it i'm voting for mccain.

Sparticus said...

there's just some fuzzy math we have to get through. the newsweek article, which i deem to be more credible, cites 2 foreign cars (a Honda and a VW).

the other article (which frankly i linked to simply to demonstrate that he had made the bogus claim that he only bought American-made) attributes a lexus to the McCains which is actually a company car used by cindy and not registered to them.

if we want to get more technical, McCain's daughter drives a prius, but it is unclear whose name it's under.

so, let's just say that john and cindy McCain own between 2-4 foreign-made cars.

in point of fact, i would suggest that the most important part of this post is that he owns 13 vehicles, one for each decade he has lived.

Luciana said...

i was wondering how he was going to tie airplanes into this... but, alas, he did it... congradulations!!!! anyways, he might also like to add that sen obama (that anti-american euro-loving dude) owns a ford hybrid. only one. and it's like "american." thank him...

Anonymous said...

I could not understand why McCain insisted that gas prices be reduced during holiday weekends. The answer is his 13 cars!
Maybe he can donate the two foreign cars to the people he claims he wants to help!