Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stalking 101

Have you ever seen an airplane and wondered where it's going to or where it's coming from?

Me too.

And now, with the assistance of the internet (thank you very much) I can have the answers to those very questions.

I bring you:
FlightAware - a website that tracks flights into, out of, and around airports.

My new digs have a great view of flights arriving from the South at Albany International Airport. Now when I see a plane coming in, I quickly mozy on over to my trusty laptop, jump onto this website and figure out which of my winged friends I have the pleasure to be stalking...err watching.

Neat-o, right?

So now I think I need a Blackberry (and thank you very much for that) so that I can track every plane I see. Last night on my jog, I found myself at the Joseph L. Bruno State Plaza watching a descent into ALB that I had no information about. Preposterous.

By the way, I have reached out to FlightAware to consider a joint venture called "JuliaAware."

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