Wednesday, September 17, 2008

They have planes in Peru?

I have lived through six summers as a camp counselor. I have survived (two weeks in) Africa. Even made it through a couple of car accidents. But making it without cable TV for the last two years almost did it to me. I had to be talked off the edge of the LOB a couple of times because I just could not take WifeSwap and Super Nanny anymore.

That's why I was so pleased to catch a show on Discovery the other night highlighting the Nasca Lines in Southern Peru. The show was actually focusing on the supernatural and possible evidence of extra-terrestrial activity on Earth. So they started with the usual material on crop circles. Then...they got to the Nasca Lines, which they started off by arguing could potentially be landing strips for UFO's from way back in the day.


Maybe not.

However, I have been convinced that I must check this out for myself. A full day excursion on one of the providers I checked out costs $256 for parties of two and $389 for people travelling alone. For that price, you get transportation from Lima, an aerial tour of the Nasca lines, lunch, museum visit, etc.

Personally, I would pay that for a flight over the Nasca landfill.

But hey, if you want to fly me over the lines, that's cool, too.

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