Monday, March 30, 2009

March madness at the Albany County Hockey Facility

Three random people in the stands last night at the Albany County Hockey Facility were treated to the highest concentration of March Madness yet this season. The weekly intra-squad showdown of the Night Owl's Hockey Club was one for the ages, and since it was a tie, everybody went home a winner. (<-- Wow, that was incredibly corny.)

After one period of play, Black (the side I happen to be on) was ahead 2-1. We expanded our lead to 3-1 early in the 2nd period. The White team marched right back to tie it at 3-3 before we answered right back with two quick goals to take a 5-3 lead into the 3rd period. Normally, a two-goal advantage heading into the final period is insurmountable, even in amateur hockey. Not to worry, though, the Black team collapsed defensively and allowed the White team to storm back, AND take a late lead with 3 minutes remaining in the game.

Right after we fell behind, I jumped out for my final shift of the night. With about 2 minutes left, we pulled our goalie for an extra skater. We weathered some close calls in our own zone sans a goaltender but finally one of our top skaters made his way out of our zone and carried the puck into our offensive zone with 37 seconds left. I was playing left wing (because I enjoy being to the left of most people) and hovered around unnoticed by edge of the faceoff circle.

When one of our forwards sent the puck towards the front of the net, I skated up looking for a rebound, and there it came, a giant pie-sized puck right in front of me with nothing but an empty net to look at. I corralled it and slung it in. WHISTLE...GOAL!!! ...
...and with a mere 19 seconds left in the game. The bench erupted, I three my hands up, teammates converged. It was glorious.

This is actually only the second most amazing goal I have ever scored, if you can believe that. But, it is far better than the previous second best goal I have scored. So there...

I realize that there have been no witnesses for either of my top two most amazing goals, but baruch atta adonai eloheynu meleh ha olam they actually happened as I have retold them.

If ever I am lucky enough that a woman wants to have children with me, I will ask said children to read about these goals on this very blog.

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