Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The farm is gone

Today I effectively gave up my share of the family farm in Argentina- the farm I didn't even know I owned a part of until a few days ago. This is the deal - my grandfather, a long time ago, bought a farm with a friend of his. When my grandfather passed away, according to Argentinean rules of inheritance, half of the farm went to my grandmother, and the other half was split among my grandfather's three sons.

Then, when my father passed away, my sister and I assumed his share, splitting it down the middle. So, if my math is right, which is doubtful, I own 1/12th of the farm. Here's how I figure it - my grandmother has one - half, each son has a third. Therefore, you have to split my sister and my third in half, yielding 1/6. But, then, remember that we are only operating with half a farm to begin with, so split that 1/6 one more time and you arrive at 1/12.

Maybe I would have been a good farmer. Probably not.

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