Sunday, March 14, 2010

New traffic at Albany

So there I was entertaining guests at my home on Saturday evening when I look out the window and see a giant plane heading into Albany International's Runway 1. I jumped up and shouted, "What the hell is that?"

After looking at the unusual beast in the air through the binoculars, I identified it as a Boeing 747. What was a Jumbo Jet doing in Albany, I wondered. So I went to Flight Aware to check out Albany's traffic and spotted a whole host of visitors we usually don't get the pleasure of seeing, including many 757's from the West Coast.

The Flight Aware maps of these flights showed that they had all done some circling in the NYC metro area before diverting this way, so I suspected that their visits to Albany were weather related. This assumption was later confirmed by the TU, which identified the B747 as a cargo plane from Brussels.


J. Eric Smith said...

I read about that in the TU too . . . was going to e-mail you about it, so glad you actually saw it incoming in the air!!

Dave Beals said...

and Connie and i heard the thing take off later that evening... We rarely hear any of the Airport traffic at night as it is most always going North or South. But this time we heard a long low rumble like far of thunder... cool