Sunday, March 28, 2010

Value your opposable thumb (GRAPHIC)

NOTE: There is a graphic photo of my thumb below. Read at your own risk.

Last night, I was chopping up a $4 head of lettuce that Diane and I had bought at the food co-op when in the rush to eat this very valuable vegetable, I managed to slice into the tip of my left thumb. I knew immediately that it was not good. I mean, I also knew that I wasn't going to lose the finger, but I also knew there was no way I could take care of this situation myself.

So I called out to Diane, "ADB, I need you to drive me to the hospital, please." We wrapped my thumb in an old t-shirt and drove off. Luckily, Albany Med is very close.

We got to the ER and after the thumb got looked at, the doctor told me I would need stitches. And a tetanus shot. Great. I have never gotten stitches. In fact, this is probably the most serious injury I have had - if you don't count the time my foot got stuck in the elevator, which is a story I'll leave for another day.

Anyhow, Diane and I hung out in the ER waiting for the tip of my finger to be sown back with the rest of it. After only an hour or so, the doctor started working on it. He put in some local anesthesia, which, of course, did not take on the tip of the finger where I really needed it.

Eventually, the sowing got done. I commented to Diane how this was crafting in a way and if she paid close attention, she could take care of this next time it happens. She did not really appreciate that observation.

The doctor did a pretty good job, as you can see.
I have had the better part of a day to get used to this, and although having had this happen to my right hand - since I am right-handed - would have been really tough, it nonetheless has taken some effort adjust to daily activities without an opposable digit on my left hand.

For starters, making a salad after this incident last night was really hard. And dealing with contacts is just not going to be easy. Shoe-tying. Typing this has been a bitch.


J. Eric Smith said...

Dude, OUCH!!! Hope it's better . . . and that it doesn't impact your ability to jam!

Sparticus said... is getting better. It looks like a thumb again. I have a new found appreciation for my opposable digit now that I have been out of commission for just about everything. My first trip to the men's room at work resulted in nearly peeing my pants due to the unforseen difficulty of unbuttoning my pants. (I had been wearing sweats at home thru Sunday) And it's not like you can comfortably ask anybody to help you with that.

Christine said...

1. You should definitely start asking coworkers to help you unbutton your pants. Report back on how that goes for you.

2. Yikes, I've been meaning to write back to you ever since ADB sent me that gruesome text... but you see, I got that text when I was a few glasses of wine into a lovely wedding down in Hoboken and the DJ started playing Lady Gaga and... well I forgot about your thumb. La Gaga will do that to you.

3. Hope you are recovering well! Do you & your lady need a tray of cookies to help the healing process?

Sparticus said...

1. I think I'll pass on that advice. I think a conviction for forcible touching would be inconvenient at this point in time.

2. Hoboken is in Hudson County, NJ.

3.The thumb is all healed, refer to the update for details. Thank you for the offer of cookies. Don't feel obligated but I would never turn down your cooking.