Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Piss-poor idea

ANA, Japan's second largest airline, will be introducing women-only lavatory facilities on flights. This does not seem like a good idea on several fronts. My first thought, from my very limited experience in observing female bathroom lines, they tend to be five times longer.
The article also cites that at least part of the reason for this change was due to a customer survey in which a large percentage of women passengers thought this would be a good idea. Hmmm - they must have been shocked to hear that. Among the reasons the women cited for the women-only lavatory was that men leave the toilet seat up. Are any of these women married? If so, do they have separate facilities in their own home? Now, the only thing I really know about Japan is that there is no space on the island-nation, hence multiple-level driving ranges, and the whole sleeping in a drawer bit. So I presume that most dwellings do not use precious, precious space on multiple and unnecessary bathrooms.

And finally, I could totally picture the situation where there would be a boy passenger who really has to go, but is forced to wait in line while a perfectly useful airplane lavatory is waiting unoccupied. Now, the airline did say they would waive the rule in cases of "emergencies" and when "few women are on-board." But I'm thinking, isn't every time you have to go an "emergency"?


Brianna said...

at least the lady loving ladies can still join the Japanese mile-high club.

Sparticus said...

yes, and without having to put the toilet seat down.

Anonymous said...

i'm down with this. what the japanese women didn't mention bc they're perhaps too polite is that men also pee all over the freakn seat. especially with turbulance. so, you know what, i'm totally supporting separate but equal on this one :)