Monday, April 20, 2009

Great things come in three's

Stooges. Strikes. Olsen Twins.

And, for me, game goal scoring streaks. Last night, for the third game in a row, I found the back of the net. This time it was not a pretty goal, or a dramatic goal, and who knows where it ranks on the list of all-time goals. But, it was a goal, and there is no sweeter feeling in hockey than scoring. And this time, there was one witness at the Albany County Hockey Facility to corroborate my story.

I scored last night's beauty in the first period, right on the edge of the crease on a pass from behind the net. So it was, by all accounts, a typical grinding-it-out goal - which can be more rewarding than the finesse of a shot into the upper 90. As a side note, it was nice to score and not fall immediately after doing so, as was the case last time.

On a sad note, next Sunday is the last game of the Winter session for the Night Owls Hockey Club. I implore all fans out there who are curious if I will extend my historic goal-scoring streak to 4 games to attend on Sunday, April 26, in the year of our lord 2009 as that will be the last time the Night Owls suit up - for a few weeks anyway. So come one, come all for free entertainment and to see old guys on skates falling on ice. It is even more hilarious than it sounds.

My new found hockey amazingness has also led to me start considering the adoption of a kick-ass hockey nickname for myself. So far, I have come up with:
(a) The Half-Italian Stallion
(b) Speedy Castro
(c) The Mexi-Can
I will also willing to entertain suggestions.


Christine said...

Speedy Castro, please.

J. Eric Smith said...

El AconcaGOOOOOoooOOOoooOOOOoLLLL!!!!!

Sparticus said...

Not shocked Christine, though I thought you may have come up with something relating to the border patrol, or the minutemen...

E - clever! I was having trouble with an Argentinean-based nickname b/c mendoza is not easy to rhyme.