Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Flight Sim hub

These past few weeks have been busy on the Flight Simulator front. After the necessary technological upgrades made it possible to start using the Century of Flight edition, I have been making multiple flights on a nightly basis.

The Learjet 45 is really a great fly in this game. It is a very fast aircraft, and it is challenging to fly, yet a novice user like myself can still manage to land it neatly most of the time. Unfortunately, I have not made any progress with the larger aircraft, even after I had set the goal of landing the Boeing 737 by the general election. No such luck, though. I came close a couple of times, and my technique is improving. But I have the hardest time lining up to the runway, even if my approach is good. God, it's frustrating.

I have been using Burlington International as my hub of choice during most of this, and I am running flights throughout the Northeast. My destinations include Bangor, ME, Portland, ME, Martha's Vineyard, MA, Albany, NY, Syracuse, NY, and Long Island (MacArthur Airport), NY.I had this visitor pull up at the gate next to me during a stop in Albany. Maybe this is the closest I will ever come to landing a B737.
The appeal of these destinations is that they rarely require longer than a 30 minute commitment. Although I dearly enjoy all my Flight Simulator time, I find that the flying part is rather boring, and it is the landings that really get my juices flowing. So, with these destinations I rarely spend more than 20 minutes in flight and the rest of the time is spent on the approach, final, and - hopefully- landing.

Speaking of which, here is one of the better touchdowns. It occurred at Martha's Vineyard.
I chose Burlington as a hub because the airport is fairly easy to spot and the approach is predictable. The active runway in the game is 33, which means that most of my approaches, which hail from the south, allow me to fly right in instead of having to maneuver around. I can't say the same for Portland, ME, which is my secondary hub. Those jerks have had me landing on 36, which really annoys the heck out of me.

To keep the simulation as real as possible, I make a point to "address" the passengers and let them know when they can move about the cabin and when they have to return to their seats. I know it sounds strange, but - I'm strange.

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