Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I didn't know Governor Paterson could fly...

...but that's what I thought when one of my contributors alerted me about a blind pilot landing safely the other day.

But alas, it was not Governor Paterson that landed the plane, but rather 65 year old Jim O'Neill, a British man who suffered a stroke that caused temporary blindness while flying a Cessna.This is pretty impressive, to say the least. I can barely walk a straight line, and I have functional use of both eyes. And Mr. O'Neill had to account for altitude changes, wind, and other factors.

Think about it this way: it would not even be that easy to pull your car into the garage with someone on the radio giving you directions. Just imagine not being able to judge depth, distances, and speed. Plus, consider that when Mr. O'Neill landed, he did not really have a chance to slam on the brakes if something went suddenly wrong. And he was not landing at 3 mph.

For the sake of scientific research, I attempted the blind car parking experiment with my neighbor Chuck guiding me on the radio. It did not work out too well.Clearly, the lesson here is: don't do stupid things just to prove a point if they are not covered by your car insurance.

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