Friday, June 20, 2008

This is the captain speaking

Well, now that almost everybody I know has a blog, I figured I better join in. I've notoriously been last among my acquaintances in doing the cool things - I didn't see Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison until this year, and I got my first cell phone after graduating from college. Yeah, I know.

So, I have decided after much thought that the purpose of this blog will be about airplanes and aviation in general. There needs to be more discussion about this in the blogosphere, I have concluded.

Why airplanes?

Think about what it means to fly for a moment: you are hurdling through the air, often 30,000 feet or more above sea level and heading precisely to a strip of asphalt located up to thousands of miles away. Now, I ask you: what is NOT exciting about that? Not only that, but planes are beautiful machines. They are sleek, even athletic-looking. You can even detect a hint of personality in each one.

That's all for now - by the way, if you found this, I'm impressed.


J. Eric Smith said...

I found this!

sparticus said...

that's impressive because i can barely find this!! i'll shoot you over some of our st. maarten pics - needless to say you HAVE to go there

christine said...

hey, I FOUND THIS TOO. why are you holding out on us? pshh posh, secret blogs barely count as blogs at all!

so, i should probably win some sort of prize for finding this. say... you take me + adb out for some cheesecake machismo? just sayin...

Sparticus said...

alright!!! my readership is now holding strong at 3. hahaha well, to be honest i needed somewhere to unload all my airplane and airplane-related thoughts. i couldn't expect adb to absorb all this nonesense much longer so i have decided to unleash it onto the rest of humanity.