Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A380 Booked and Ready to Go

I was recently researching an overseas trip that I will take in relation to this life decision and I had the good fortune of having the opportunity tobook part of the trip on this new and recent new beauty of the airplane world:

So in late November, the Airbus A380 will become the latest airplane I have known.

Selecting the seat on the A380 flight was entertaining. For starters, we, like I presume most fliers, prefer the two-aside seats next to windows so that we (1) have a window and (2) have an aisle. This is slightly difficult on the A380 since the majority of the economy rows are arranged in a 3-4-3 format. The 2-4-2 seating format begins towards the rear of the aircraft, so as such, Diane and I found ourselves in row 87 (!!!). We'll probably have to start boarding two days before the flight to get to our seat in time.

Almost as exciting is that per my crude research on Airliners.net, there is a chance that the Delta B767 we will also invariably be on might have winglets (ie it will be a "sexy plane" for all you posers out there).


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His peers have interesting things to say about him as well.

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