Friday, September 17, 2010

Dunkin Run Results

Diane, AK and I ran the Dunkin Donuts 5K run last weekend. The race started and ended at the Jewish Community Center. The course was nothing out of the ordinary - the second and third mile actually overlapped.

I improved on my Valley Cats 5K run, which I ran in 25:25. Here is the Garmin view of the race.

Sun, Sep 12, 2010 8:33 AM added by niquin21
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2000 ft
500 m
Activity Type:
Event Type:
3.14 mi
Elevation Gain:
11 ft
485 C


Brianna said...
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Brianna said...

(there was a typo -- couldn't have that)

first, nicolas. you call this dull imagery from your garmin a blog post? i don't. i call it dull.

second, good thing you now have running accoutrements...

third, do a real race. quit your job and run the 1/2 marathon with me in march.

Sparticus said...


(1) You last updated your "blog" on January 24, 2010. The Saints had not won the Super Bowl, the oil spill had not happened and the state budget had not passed...oops. Ignore the last item in that list. In any case, my 4 readers deserve regular postings, even if all I can muster is dull imagery from the Garmin - which, by the way, was difficult to export.

(2) Are there bagels and coffee at the end of the 1/2 marathon? Because I only do races with food at the end of them.

(3) Aren't you happy every day you wake up and realize you are not chinless?