Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Beginning of the Road to "Skinny-colas"

There was a definite theme to the birthday gifts I received this year. And the theme was: "It's time to get back in shape!"

My mom sent me a set of free weights (and the bar) from our actual gym in Fort Collins, CO so that I can do the Body Pump workouts in my living room. Oh, and she recorded a class and sent a CD so that I can follow along with the instructor's directions.

Diane and her parents went in on together on a Garmin running/biking watch. It is a beast. I went out for a run today to test it out and below is a brief, brief snapshot of the data it records and gives back to me. You cannot see it here, but it traces the route I ran on the map and also gives splits of the laps. Insane.

With toys like these it is going to be a blast to get in shape.

Wed, Aug 25, 2010 4:46 PM added by niquin21

Map data ©2010 Google - Terms of Use
1000 ft
200 m
Activity Type:
Event Type:
4.10 mi
Elevation Gain:
110 ft
643 C


Anonymous said...

i'm so happy that lefty got some new jewelry, much deserved after righty tried to knife him to death earlier in the year. and i fully expect you to dedicate an entire blog entry to my gift. i may be poor, but i still have feelings. ps - isn't puppy just adorable for recording him ken's class. i'm pretty sure that breaks a couple of copyright laws, but whatever :)

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