Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Air Force One visits Albany

President Obama came to the Capital Region on Monday to speak at Hudson Valley Community College. The President flew in and out of Albany International Airport. I had a view of both the landing and departure from my office. On its approach, AF1 flew in over the western part of the city before turning to make its approach into the airport from the north.

Here are some shots locals took of the landing:
The departure gave us an even better shot (no pun intended) of AF1. The B747 departed on Runway 19, which means the flight path took it right over the center of the city. I did not have my camera, but I did get this (not so good) picture on with my cell phone.
These people got a better picture:

Said an unamed co-worker upon seeing AF1 overhead: "Paul Tonko is on that plane!"

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Brianna said...

unnamed and un-chinned?