Monday, August 31, 2009

My lifelong dream of having a sexy plane in my bedroom is now fulfilled

One day during lunch at work, I made the tragic mistake of admitting to my non-airplane-fanatic co-workers that I believe that there are certain planes that are "sexy." I know, I have problems, but I cannot help the way I see certain things.

When my co-workers pressed me for an example of a "sexy plane" I immediately rattled off the CRJ-100 or 200 and the Airbus A340, all of which I consider to be "sexy" due to their winglets - I just think it makes them look graceful. See for yourself:
I am not a hater, so I would struggle to name a non-sexy airplane, but if absolutely pressed I would name the Cessna Grand Caravan, seen below.
In any case, as you might imagine, I received -perhaps deservedly - quite a bit of abuse after these revelations. There was no shortage of jokes made at my expense regarding certain activities of mine with these planes.

Last week for my birthday, Diane gave me the painting below, which was painted by a friend of hers who happens to be a very talented artist.
It's an absolute masterpiece. When she commissioned the painting, Diane requested three things: (1) winglets, for the obvious reasons stated above; (2) a body of water, because I also have an obsession with bodies of water; and (3) mountains, to represent Colorado and Argentina. She's the best.
By the way, I would simply like to reiterate my disappointment that EgyptAir does not use an A340 on the JFK - Cairo route. It would have been my "first time."


J. Eric Smith said...

Oh, I'm a hater . . . very unsexy planes include:

The Fairey Gannett

The Airbus Beluga

The Short Skyvan

Sparticus said...

hahaha - I have no objection to any of those! The beluga looks like it has a giant tumor

J. Eric Smith said...

Another VERY unsexy plane . . . from Chile.

Sparticus said...

Where do you find these things?! Sadly, that is not the ugliest thing I have seen coming out of Chile...

Jet said...

Have you ever thought of buying a large scale model of your favourite one?