Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where in the world was Governor Sanford? (UPDATED)

In the "Paris of South America" it turns out.

The Governor of South Carolina, who needed to relax after a bruising legislative session (tell me about it), bolted for a few days. Initially, it was reported that he was hiking in the Appalachians. Today we learned he had flown the coop (coup? or coup?) to Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires.

Governor Sanford said he had considered the Appalachians, but then decided to go somewhere more exotic. He refused to elaborate on what he had done in Argentina, except to note that he had taken a drive down the coast.

Let me tell you a little story. If you are interested in relaxing, driving in Argentina is probably not the way to go. Driving in Argentina is only slightly more relaxing than celebrating (C)ha(n)nu(k)ka(h)(h) in Saudi Arabia.In fact, there are several "relaxing" things to do in Buenos Aires that require no driving.

Drinking mate.Doing your best Evita impersonation.Spotting Commies.
I kid, I kid. Spotting commies was a joke. They're all commies down there anyway.


In the initial story reporting his whereabouts, the Governor claimed that he chose Argentina as a destination because he wanted to go somewhere "exotic." Interesting choice of words. Turns out, he was doing his best Eliot Spitzer impersonation. Exotic indeed, Governor.

So, forgive me for not including "banging whores" as a relaxing activity to do in Argentina. I bet it was relaxing for the Governor at the time, not so much right now.

Moral of the story, don't bang people that aren't your spouse.

In case you are keeping track at home, that's two conservative Republicans being caught banging whores in the last few days. Also, in case you are wondering, both are hypocrits. Also, they are blaming it on the gays getting married.


adb said...

i miss both our long hairs....

Brianna said...

"Everything wrong in the world began and will end with homosexuals."

Ruben Diaz, Sr.

(note: this may be paraphrased, but not really.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe he wanted to eat "alfajores" or perhaps, he was interested in the Argentinian "beef" --which is reportedly to be tasty and juicy. puppy