Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The "Fact Finder" is an a**

CBS 6 in Albany has a feature called the "Fact Finder." Unfortunately for society, the "Fact Finder" is full of s**t. Last night, they ran a story about the per diem of state legislators and how much it costs taxpayers to gavel in and out.

Yes, it's true. On some days, the legislature does just gavel in and out. Does that mean that no work was done?


This time of year, both houses of the legislature are trying to formulate budget positions, holding hearings, and crafting legislation. Is the idiot "Fact Finder" suggesting that advocates and citizens not have a say on the budget? Are they suggesting that hearings are not necessary? Or that it's not really important to ensure that legislation is sound?

Frankly, it's incredibly offensive to myself and every elected official, policy staff, and support staff that you think we are not doing any work. And I am sure that if the legislature had not gaveled in, you would be bitching and whining about "Oh, the legislators get paid x and they don't even gavel in." Am I right? Eh? Eh?

So, "Fact Finder" - you lose. The problem with you, and other like-minded gossip "journalists" - if I can even refer to you as a journalist- is that you simplify a very complicated issue so that you can get your catchy tease for the 11 o'clock news. Then you get people all riled up over something that is completely false and misleading.

Go ahead, Channel 6 News, do your thing. But you have proved to be no different than that smutty TMZ show reporting on Lindsey Lohan's latest lesbian binge. You suck as a "news" show.

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